About Us

Bella Lucia was founded in 2009 as a cottage industry.  Named after the founders’ late mother, Bella Lucia has become synonymous with a hand made, non-gmo, and all-natural gluten free pizzelle cookie.  Their pizzella have merged traditional baking with new dietary needs. Bella Lucia was founded with the belief that there is a better way to eat gluten free without giving up favor and taste. The result: Delizioso!

At Bella Lucia, we’ve crafted the perfect gluten free pizzelle “waffle” cookie.  After seeing the need for quality, ready-to-eat, gluten free cookies that could actually be enjoyed, we decided to bring our personal experience and finest ingredients together.  The customers we’ve gained throughout the years will tell you “you’ll never know they’re gluten free.”

Bella Lucia became incorporated in 2011 due to the popularity of their gluten free cookies.  With the rise of celiac disease and mainstream consumers eating better, Bella Lucia’s gluten free pizzelle became a huge hit.

Since they are a labor-intensive cookie to make on a pizzelle iron, making only 2 at a time, consumers prefer to buy ready-made gluten free snacks, especially gluten free pizzelle. Bella Lucia is the only manufacturer of gluten free pizzelle in North America and they’re still made 2 at a time by hand!

The word pizzelle comes from the Italian word pizze, which means loosely, “small, flat, and round.”   Pizzelle cookies date back as far as the 8th century.  Before electricity, the old cast iron pizzelle makers were placed directly onto the fire or oven, often with family crests; resulting in their crisp texture.  Pizzelle cookies were first made in the south-central area of Abruzzo, Italy in the 8th century.
Since Bella Lucia’s inception, they’ve seen an increase of recognition.  Some of their latest awards have been:  recipient of the Chamber, Young Emerging Business Award in 2016, and the prestigious 2017 Sofi Award.  The Sofi is an award handed out by the Fancy Food Show and the Specialty Food Association, and is apprised by a panel of judges, ranging from notable chefs to major buyers in the food industry.  This year Bella Lucia has been honored as a silver place winner in the gluten free snack category.  Placing second between two Utz products, an international company established in 1921.

Another great love of Bella Lucia is to work with Penn State Altoona Campus and their business internship program. Bella Lucia hired their first intern in 2015.   Watching each intern move through the business world after graduation has been a thrill.  Along with the internship program we work with PSU Altoona Enactus program.  Enactus is a global nonprofit community of students’, academic, and business leaders, committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to improve the world.

Bella Lucia donates our gluten free cookies to the local food banks, bake sales, fund raisers as well as monetary donations to various nonprofit groups.  Part of Bella Lucia Inc mission is to give back to the local community, one cookie at a time!