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Chebe Gluten Free Focaccia Mix

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Chebe focaccia mix is lightly seasoned and can be enjoyed as a snack or with meals in place of bread. Focaccia can be made in baking pans, or made into free-form round, square, or rectangular shapes and baked directly on a baking stone or baking pan. It’s uniquely free of gluten and lactose, yet full of flavor.

Certifications: GFCO , Non-GMO Verified, OU Kosher

Ingredients: Manioc (tapioca) flour, modified manioc starch (100% manioc), cream of tartar, iodine-free sea salt, sodium bicarbonate, rosemary, basil.

Chēbē Focaccia Mix is FREE of: corn*, dairy*,  egg**, gluten, iodine, peanuts, potato*, rice*, tree nuts*, soy*, sugar, yeast.
* made on shared equipment with this ingredient (under strict cleaning process/ allergen control program)
** egg or egg substitute added to the mix
Chēbē Focaccia Mix is friendly to FODMAP-free, lectin-free, and paleo diets!

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