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Many thanks for a delicious gluten free product! I just purchased the vanilla pizzelles from my local Wegmans store. They were packaged so well that they were not broken. They are delicious. I am only 1 week into my gluten free diet due to celiac disease. I was so happy to find a tasty cookie! Thank you for making such an outstanding product.


just tried your gluten free lemon Pizzelles and they are fantastic.  It is always a pleasure and often rare to find great tasting gluten free products.   Thank you for helping those of us with gluten sensitivities enjoy the sweeter things in life again.  Keep up the great work!  LJ

Bought the anise pizzelles at Wegmans and they were fabulous. I ate the whole container in one sitting. So deprived for so long and no more!!!   Lydia

Dear Bella Lucia,

I just tried your pizzelles (found them at Wegman's in Frederick,MD).  They are amazing! And my non-GF boyfriend agrees they taste exactly right!   E. Wilcox, Frederick, MD.

Dear Bella Lucia,

Thank you for producing the yummy GF Pizzelles! I just ordered my first pack of 3. We discovered them on a recent trip to Arizona. Can't find them here in my area. The Lemon Love were the ones I just love. Can't wait to try the other flavors. All the best to you! Hurry and ship em, they're all gone!   R.B., Arizona

Dear Bella,

I just bought your Gluten Free Anise flavored pizzelles at the local market, Russo's.  I think they are actually better than regular pizzelles.  They are delicious.  Thank you for a good tasting product ... Being of Italian descent, these pizzelle's are a great addition to family events for me.

Tina, Wyomissing, PA

Dear Bella Lucia,

I was just visiting my mother at my family home in Princeton, NJ and purchased your Bella Lucia Anise Pizzelles and I just loved them. I was diagnosed with Celiac in 1989 and rarely do cookies tastes the same, however your pizzelles taste exactly the same as the ones I used to make with my grandmother Elsie on her Vintantonio Pizzelle maker.  Of course, they must be the anise. That's it, the only ones she made and that I like. Thank you for bringing back a wonderful memory and taste.?    Ciao Bella, Scott Salvatore, New York City

Dear Bella,

I have bought both of these Gluten Free Pizzelles the Anise and the Vanilla flavored Pizzelles. The taste is just wonderful and both cookies are very good. It's hard just to eat one cookie and put the package away. The amazing thing is that it is hard to tell that they are Gluten-Free product. My hat goes off to Bella Lucia for making a product that I can eat.     Best to you,  Terri Evans, Leesburg VA

Thank you for this product: Vanilla gluten free Pizzelles! I was so excited to see them at my HyVee grocery store in Lincoln, Nebraska. What a wonderful gluten free holiday treat; they are delicious and crispy!    Thanks. Monica Richert Lincoln, NE


An enjoyable part of my Christmas pasts was buying and eating pizzelles. How I love them! I thought I would never enjoy them again because of being diagnosed with celiac disease this year. What a joy to find your gluten free pizzelles!! They are delicious and don't taste gluten free. Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing a part of my Christmas back to me. Now to go eat another one....    JANET MECHANICSBURG PA