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Latest Testimonials

Latest Testimonials
I just bought your Gluten Free Anise flavored pizzelles at the local market, Russo's. I think they are actually better than regular pizzelles. They are delicious. Thank you for a good tasting product ... Being of Italian descent, these pizzelle's are a great addition to family events for me.
Latest Testimonials
Just tried your gluten free lemon Pizzelles and they are fantastic. It is always a pleasure and often rare to find great tasting gluten free products. Thank you for helping those of us with gluten sensitivities enjoy the sweeter things in life again. Keep up the great work!
Latest Testimonials
I was just visiting my mother at my family home in Princeton, NJ and purchased your Bella Lucia Anise Pizzelles and I just loved them. I was diagnosed with Celiac in 1989 and rarely do cookies tastes the same, however your pizzelles taste exactly the same as the ones I used to make with my grandmother Elsie on her Vintantonio Pizzelle maker. Of course, they must be the anise. That's it, the only ones she made and that I like. Thank you for bringing back a wonderful memory and taste. Ciao Bella.
Latest Testimonials
Thank you for this product: Vanilla gluten free Pizzelles! I was so excited to see them at my HyVee grocery store in Lincoln, Nebraska. What a wonderful gluten free holiday treat; they are delicious and crispy!
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