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Latest Testimonials

Latest Testimonials
Since finding out I had celiac disease I so missed pizzelles. I love the Anise because that is what I grew up eating. Pizzelles are my all time favorite cookie. I attempted to make them myself with different flours but had no luck. Then I saw these at Wegmans. I heard Angels sing I swear. I ate 3 of them on my drive home! You have no idea how much these taste just like my moms. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!
Latest Testimonials
These pizzelles (lemon) are so tasty and fabulous! Even my son who does eat gluten loves to eat them. My daughter and I are dairy free and gluten free and adore these pizzelles!
Latest Testimonials
An enjoyable part of my Christmas pasts was buying and eating pizzelles. How I love them! I thought I would never enjoy them again because of being diagnosed with celiac disease this year. What a joy to find your gluten free pizzelles!! They are delicious and dont taste gluten free. Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing a part of my Christmas back to me. Now to go eat another one.
Latest Testimonials
The Anise Gluten-Free Pizzelle Cookies are, in fact, amazing. These are the first cookies that I have had that are identical in taste and texture to the "real thing". I have loved Pizzelles for many years and to be able to come upon these and have that experience again is so great. Thank you for perfecting these - dont change them!
Latest Testimonials
Have never seen these before (chocolate pizzelle), and I happened to go to my college school store to get a snack before class and saw the GF symbol. I thought to myself why not give them a try, I will not lie I had my doubts because of it being GF but once I took the first bite I was in heaven and it was like eating non GF again! Amazing product, without a doubt a thumbs up for this celiac women :)
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